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                                                                        Product name 2K Paint Product category Ding Yue series
                                                                        Detailed product


                                                                        Product introduction

                                                                        Double - component solid paint for medium - and upper-class body painting,the film is hard and glossy,Protective and overprotective。Bright and lasting color, Suitable for the automotive body renovation and repair。

                                                                        Product characteristics

                                                                        Excellent leveling, rendering perfect coating appearance。

                                                                        High covering power, reduce finished product, improve efficiency.

                                                                        The color is rich and complete to meet the changing color of the car.

                                                                        High gloss, high fullness, excellent mirror effect.

                                                                        Excellent weathering resistance and yellowing properties, endowing the superior performance of the paint film.

                                                                        Physical parameters

                                                                        Appearance status

                                                                        All sorts of color



                                                                        specific gravity

                                                                        1.0~1.4kg/L depend on the color

                                                                        Nonvolatile component

                                                                        60±10% depend on the color


                                                                        White yellow orange red lemon yellow, etc 200±20S,Other colors 150±20S-4cups,25℃)

                                                                        auxiliary product

                                                                        2 k solid color paint

                                                                        2K solid paint mixing with each other


                                                                        Advanced thinnerA380、A381、A382


                                                                        Paint HardenerA210、A211、A212

                                                                        Construction parameters

                                                                        Mix proportion

                                                                        2 k solid color paint           100 volume

                                                                        High concentration hardener       50 volume

                                                                        Advanced thinner               20-30 volume

                                                                        pot life

                                                                        4 hours 25

                                                                        Spraying viscosity

                                                                        16~20 seconds-4cups,25℃)

                                                                        Spraying tool

                                                                        Upper pot spray gun diameter of 1.2 ~ 1.5mm  The lower pot nozzle diameter is 1.2 ~ 1.7mm

                                                                        Spraying pressure

                                                                        Gun pressure for 3-5KG/c

                                                                        Spraying method

                                                                        Double or triple single spray,The gun is 15~20cm。Each layer of volatilization time is 10~15 minutes25℃)

                                                                        drying time

                                                                        At 25℃,30 minutes of non-stick dust。 Hard dry24 hours/25 or 1 hour/60

                                                                        Using range

                                                                        After the P800 #, P1000 # sand paper is sanded, or the paint surface and primer surface after oil pollution

                                                                        Packing specification



                                                                        The storage period of the open tank is 5 years



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